Why Are You Here?

Could be you’re looking for a singer-songwriter – one with plenty of performance and studio experience who has supported the likes of Hugh Cornwell (The Stranglers), Boo Hewerdine and Patrick Duff (Strangelove) and performed on stages at large and small festivals, pubs, restaurants, theatres and dedicated music venues across England and beyond….

Or maybe you need a promoter – one who actually promotes, and won’t sign up to it unless they truly know they can do justice to the role.

You might even need an Event Manager – someone who can get a thing off the ground and see it through from start to triumphant finish.

Perhaps that all sounds fine, but honestly you just need a teacher, who listens and learns as much about you as you learn from her. Then maybe you can be one or all of the above one day too. I mean, why not?!

Well, come on in.

And get in touch if you like the sound of anything you find here.

4 Comments to Why Are You Here?

  1. Fantastic! Well done Benita ?? I look forward to the music to come.

  2. Lewis James says:

    “ Such an inspiring and amazing musician. Benita captivates audiences with her beautiful lyrics and music with fantastic stage craft ”

    Must see performance !!!!

  3. Benita says:

    The artwork on this page was designed and produced by Pete Hunter (c) 2016.
    Photo Credits:
    Home page – James Crowter Photography Copyright 2014
    Bookings – Bohdan Piasecki Copyright 2012
    Event Management – Joseph Sawdon 2015
    Teaching / Music – Red Piranha Photography 2014

  4. Vic Curtis says:

    I remember the first time I heard Benita sing was when I was sound engineering at the Cirencester Brewery Blues.
    During soundcheck, whilst there was still quite a bit of activity preparing for doors open when she started to sing, I remember thinking “wow, what a voice” and obviously I was not alone in thinking that as pretty much everyone else stopped what they were doing to see who was singing!
    (and that is not something that happens very often during soundcheck!). I’ts a lasting memory I have of her performance, and she’s not disappointed on any subsequent gigs I’ve engineered for her.