BJ Live Glasto 2011 by Bohdan Piasecki General Enquiries

I have played in a variety of settings over the years, from theatres, pubs and clubs, wine bars, restaurants, festivals large and small, bandstands, hotel rooms, CP ceremonies and private barbeques.

If you think I sound like someone you’d like to book, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. I manage myself, so there’s no need to go through any agents. Contact details are at the foot of the page. Currently based in Sussex, though formerly in the south-west, I am willing to travel to wherever you are in the UK (and beyond).

Tailored Shows

If you are celebrating an occasion or arranging a gathering and are looking to book some live music, I can offer a tailored set to suit the event.

You can choose for me to play a handful of specified cover songs interspersed with your favourites from my own tracks. (Please refer to my full discography on my Bandcamp site to help you choose).

I am happy to talk to you about the logistics of what you’re planning and the role you see me having, whether you are hiring the Albert Hall or staging a shindig in your living room.

Just remember that, ideally, I ask for at least 3 months notice of a Tailored Show booking, because of the extra work it may involve and planning other engagements around it.

So if you have an idea for this, get in touch now and let’s make it happen!